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Konrad Frank - Art and Photography
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Nov/14/2007   A LOT OF new drawings. Keep being busy. Aloa.

Oct/17/2007   Some new drawings and a different way of presenting those.

New "about", and some changes in the picturearrangements and thats why more stuff in "portfolio".

And a whole new section called "Things" has appeared. Check it out!

   Are you lonesome tonight?

Oct/09/2007   "Olaf und Martin" in drawings and some layout-changes for some more usability.

Oct/04/2007   Watch out for the     NEW-sign!!

Oct/02/2007   Drawings updated, photos also. New shortlinks added above this newsbox. New newsletter monthly.

Oct/18/2006   I made some minor changes, new intro-pages as you have mentioned before (maybe), some graphical re-draws.

Jul/09/2006   New Photos, new drawings.

Dec/15/2005   New photos are "watchable", have a look. Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year.

Dec/03/2005   Content! Content! Content! *jajajuhu* Watch the drawings and some other things. Have fun.

Nov/09/2005   I installed Knarf's Blog, a board for useless mindstuff. Search the link, gg.

Nov/04/2005   I did some changes at the shoutbox and set up the homepage template. I decided to don't do a new design and just take over the shoutbox-face. content is coming.

Nov/03/2005    I think i finally finished the portfolio, so try a look. And please dont forget to view the shoutbox and insert some comments! Thx. + there are some hidden features. :)


Konrad Frank // Art & Photography